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Marketing consultant activity

Outsourcing of marketing activities :

We carry out your marketing activities and strategies in line with your market objectives. We also support you in the development and implementation of your commercial action plans.

Market analyses and
company positioning

Market analyses and
company positioning

Market research and demand analysis

  • To get a precise and up-to-date understanding of your market through all its components
  • To assess demand and supply in both quantitative and qualitative terms

Positioning diagnosis

  • We carry out for you all the stages of study and analysis of the competitive offer in order to position your company and its activity in its competitive environment. This is an essential element for optimising your development strategy and your commercial action plan.
  • We use the latest analysis and competitive intelligence techniques to provide you with this information. This allows us to choose the most appropriate strategies for your business development needs and expectations.

Construction of the marketing plan

Construction of the marketing plan

Carrying out the strategic analysis

The strategic analysis will give you a precise vision of the environment and characteristics of your target markets. This vision will be necessary for your decision making and for the implementation of an adapted development strategy.

We use all methods to study and analyse this data on demand and supply.

Development of the product - service marketing plan

We help you to translate the marketing strategy developed for your company into a marketing plan. This plan will describe in a planned and detailed manner the actions that the company will have to take to implement this strategy for a product or range of products, a brand or an activity of your company.

Assistance in the preparation of business plans, marketing plans and sales action plans.

We help you to design these documents to formalise and schedule your development projects.

We offer you support in summarising the actions and means to be implemented to achieve your business development objectives.

 We will develop communication tools for you to convince your potential partners involved in the realisation of these projects.

These reference documents can also be used as real dashboards for monitoring your activities.

Assistance in steering the business development strategy

We provide you with the latest techniques for selling, prospecting and identifying the needs of your customers and prospects. Their implementation and use will guarantee you success in achieving your objectives and the implementation of your development strategy.

Support in the design, implementation and monitoring of your commercial budget

We assist you in designing your commercial budget so that it best reflects your company's strategy.

This will enable you to better quantify the objectives to be achieved and the resources needed to implement them, taking into account the changes in your environment.

We provide you with the elements necessary for a realistic dimensioning of your commercial budget(s).

We provide you with the analytical tools and reliable data to support your strategic thinking and decision-making.

Sales forecast

We implement for you the methodologies to help your sales teams to determine in an efficient and adapted way the forecasted turnover, allowing to define the necessary means to reach the budgeted turnover objective.

Definition of sales prices

We analyse for you the latest data on your target markets and the characteristics of your competitive environment in order to define a pricing strategy, which will be the basis for a favourable positioning of your product or service offers.


To do this, we use all the analysis tools that generate figures that are associated with the characteristic marketing elements of your targets.

Your benefits

Benefit from our expertise and multidisciplinary support on all marketing and business development issues.

Refocus your resources on your core business.

Capitalise on marketing solutions tailored to your business needs.

Take advantage of a 360° view for your strategic marketing projects.

Personalized support, based on listening to your expectations, advice and respect for your choices and decisions.

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