Development consulting
industrial and commercial.

Multidisciplinary support to serve your development

Our mission:

AJF Business Training & Development will mobilize all its resources and skills to support, guide and promote the business development of its customers in a collaborative and partnership approach. This support will be provided in the strategic areas of business development, marketing, technology and training.

Being a reliable and solid resource for this development will be our mission.

AJF Business Training & Development assists customers in developing their activities, whether in existing or new markets.

.... Close  to our customers for a better approach of the problems...!

Listening to our customers

We base our actions onlistening objectively to the expectations expressed by our customers, allowing us to be perfectly focused on identifying and defining their real needs.

Our motto could be:

" Listen to learn, analyse to understand, share to convince! »

At each stage of our clients' support, we remain focused on identifying the needs, values and motivations of our clients.

To do this, we use innovativelistening methods, exploration and exchange that allow  optimized and efficient communication. A collaboration based on a partnership.

Proven methods of marketing analysis

Analysis of competitive situations

  • Using Porter's model
  • Using the PESTEL Model

Competitive intelligence

  • Use of the "Need-Research-Analysis-Distribution" cycle
  • SWOT analysis
  • BCG Matrix
  • Competitive Mapping

Strategic intelligence methods

Continuous monitoring of your global environment to anticipate threats and development opportunities.

Structured approach based on PESTEL and SWOT protocols.

Strategic intelligence protocol organized in 5 steps:

  1. Definition of monitoring expectations.
  2. List of information sources
  3. Collection of information
  4. Analysis and processing of information.
  5. Distribution of information.


AJF Business Training &Development

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